Today is only yesterday's tomorrow
As I just said on ВКонтакте, :weep2:

Sherlock... It hurts so much, it really does. When he just comes up to the camera and says all the friends hate John and his dinner... and he lied, he told John the essay based on those conclusions was because of a running case... And John smiles! God, he can't breathe how he misses him... A new life, a new beginning, you said, right? There's no bloody beginning, there's no moving on. Cause all he said to that wicked beloved man on the screen was the immortal one: 'Don't be dead.' 'Stop being dead'. He shut his blog up... After this, he shuts it up.
Because there's no Sherlock in the world. But, Jesus, there's no way to step forward and say, 'There's never been any Sherlock at all' - just like trolls do. There was. And John bears it in his heart. Sherlock is still with him. Never gonna leave. That is why -
Sherlock, you bastard, wherever you are. Cheers.

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